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Coleman Powermate Automatic Voltage Regulator 0065649SRV replaces the following:

  • 0065649
  • 0052627
  • 0052795

if your old board part# was 0052627 or 0052795, this voltage regulator will not directly replace yours "right out of the box." However, you can follow the instructions / diagram here to retrofit it / make it possible to replace yours. 

The jumper harness S0062490 has been discontinued from Generac with no replacement, but we have a photo that one of our customers gave us regarding how he retrofitted the harness. See photo here.

Beware!  The "original" board came with normal size capacitor. But the new ones have a taller capacitor, and will not fit your generator without making a hole in your generator's end bell.

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  • Part #: 0065649SRV
  • 7 In Stock

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