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Slick Stick Polishing Tool for Onan & other Slip Rings


  • Model: A36009
  • 4 Units in Stock

    Instructions for use of the Slick Stick

    1. If possible, measure the field (rotor) resistance before and after cleaning the slip rings. This will give you an indication of how dirty they are and if there are any remaining problems after cleaning. On most Onan BGE, NHE (Emerald III) & NHM (Marquis) models that have an electronic voltage regulator, measure 23-26 ohms between pins 9 and 10 of the regulator plug, or better yet, across the brass slip rings. Refer to the appropriate OEM service manual for exact field resistance values for your model.

    2. Turn off the generator’s circuit breaker as a precaution to protect the external circuit from any voltage transients that could be produced during the cleaning process.

    3. Clear the area in the vicinity of the rear of the generator by moving wires, etc. out of the way so that there is clear access to the end bell cooling slots.

    4. Make sure that the lighting in the work area is adequate to clearly see the slip rings. Don’t try to work in the dark as damage to the tool and generator could result. The tool is made of non-conducting materials so there is no shorting or electrical shock hazard.

    5. If the slip rings are severely worn or contaminated, start with the COARSE (180 grit) stone. When polishing or removing a light tarnish, use only the FINE (320 grit) stone.

    6. Use the rearmost slot for access to the rear slip ring and the next slot forward for the forward slip ring. A slight angle is necessary because the cooling slots do not line up exactly with the slip rings.

    7. Start the engine and allow the speed to stabilize.

    8. Carefully insert the tool through the rear cooling slot until the proper stone is positioned directly below the rear slip ring. (See photo below).

    CAUTION: DO NOT allow the end of the tool to contact any part of the rotor except the slip ring being cleaned.

    Bring the stone into contact with the slip ring and apply a slight upward pressure. Move the stone from side to side across the slip ring until wear patterns and contamination are removed. If the COARSE stone was used, turn the tool over and repeat the procedure with the FINE stone until the slip ring is polished.

    9. Repeat the above procedure for the forward slip ring using the next forward cooling slot for access. Turn the circuit breaker back on after slip ring cleaning is completed.

    10. TIP: While cleaning the slip rings, move the tool in or out periodically to avoid a heavy buildup of metal or contaminants in one spot on the stone. After use, the stones may cleaned with detergent and water and a stiff bristle brush. Mineral spirits, petroleum-based parts cleaning fluid or isopropyl alcohol may also be used but do not soak.

    Avoid strong solvents such as toluene, lacquer thinner (acetone), MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), methlyene chloride or TCE (trichloroethylene).

  • Model: A36009
  • 4 Units in Stock

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