New improved replacement for Onan 305-0809-01 & 305-0851 with a 2 year warranty

Replaces older versions: 305-0782-01 & 305-0830-01.  Will also replace the 305-0826 although you will only be able to use the top mounting hole.

You may be thinking, "this regulator looks different than mine."  Yes, it does look slightly  different; it is an aftermarket replacement engineered to exactly replace the original beige-colored Onan one. 

It bolts up & plugs in the same way as the Onan, with one slight difference: This replacement is designed differently in regards to the capacitor.  You will NOT  use the 2 wires connected to the original capacitor, as our capacitor is soldered onto the board!  Just tape them up and DO NOT try to use them.

Note: 305-0752 is the # found on the bottom of many Onan RV regulators, but it is NOT the Onan part #. It is only a "casting number" of the mould.


We will not be undersold! Please advise if you have found this for less including shipping costs.

Mounts in exactly the same way for Onan® Emerald and Microlite series Gensets in RV's. Same size as original. Also fits Marquis units with minor mounting modification. Refer to chart below. UPS ORDERS USUALLY SHIP SAME DAY IF ORDER IS RECEIVED BY 3PM EST. 

If you have a 305-0809-05, use our part # VR305080905.

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