Onan used several different carburetors for the KY models, which makes it really difficult to determine which repair kit to use per the Generator Model/Spec.
Instead, you have to look at the carburetor you already have, and read the part number directly off it.
It should begin with "14..." or "A04.."

If your carburetor is 146-0635, 146-0741, 146-0742, 146-0765, 146-0785, 146-0803 or A042P619, use 146-0783

If your carburetor is 146-0534 and 146-0614, use 146-0651

If you have any doubts whatsoever, please call or email us BEFORE ordering.  (If you order the wrong one, we cannot take it back if it has been opened and there will be a restocking fee.)

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  • Part #: KY_Carb_Repair_Kit