Tough Series - For engines or generators

The TOUGH series controllers are designed to provide complete control, protection and engine instrumentation for both standard and electronic CAN Bus engines as well as metering for generator applications.

All modules in this series are easily configured as either engine controllers or as generator controllers using either the front panel buttons or our PC configurator software.

TOUGH series controllers are ideally suited for severe duty applications where reliability is critical such as mobile or stationary engine equipment and generators.

The TG410 is the most advanced option in the TG Series, providing displays of Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Oil Level, Engine Hours, RPM and Battery Voltage as well as J1939 Diagnostic Trouble Codes and a 150 Event Log.  Two customer-defined sensor parameters for temperature, pressure, voltage or levels can also be configured.  For generator applications, the TG410 provides a display of 1 or 3-Phase AC voltage, 1 or 3-Phase AC current, and frequency.  A Modbus communications port is standard on the TG410 model, allowing connection of a remote annunciator or an Internet gateway for remote management.

We also sell this as a complete, pre-assembled panel here: 974-0402-0002

Datasheet:  TOUGH Series™ TG410

Accessories:   TOUGH Series™ Accessories

User Manual:   TOUGH Series™ TG410

Wiring Configuration:

TG410 Wiring Configuration

TG410 Wiring Configuration with RelayPak

Software:   RapidCore Installer

DynaGen RapidCore User Manual - English

Firmware Updates:   TG410 1.94.03

Application Note:   Engine-Driven Hydraulic Skid Maintenance

Case Study:   Successfully Met Tier 4 Final Compliance for Mobile Towable Generators

Compliance Documents:

TG TE cULus Certificate Of Compliance

RP100 cULus Certificate Of Compliance

TG410 NFPA Compliance

Accessories for the TG410:

Are you using the relay pack? If so, order DWG1475 and RP100-VM. If you have a 24V battery system, just add (3) RLY0054 relays.

If you do NOT need the relay pack, you'll need harness DWG1476 instead.

For displaying AC volts or using the generator output to sense speed, use harness DWG1479.

If the engine is electronic (CANBUS/J1939 capable), or you're using a magnetic pickup for speed sensing or you're needing Modbus capabilities (such as a RA400 or Netbiter), use harness DWG1522.

To display AC Amps on the controller, use harness DWG1518 and order the Current Transformers (CT) below.

If you need more than 3 switched inputs and 3 switched outputs or 3 sensors, add harness DWG1477.

If wanting the enclosure order ENC0084 11.5x11.5x8.5" or ENC0080 8x8x4".

For remote annunciation, use RA400-LS. The enclosure for it is not included, that would be ACC0109.

1/8" Oil pressure sender, order either ACC0108 or ACC0108-A.

1/8" Temp Sender order 02022-00, 1/4" order 02023-00 or VDO Brand 323-420, 3/8" order 02024-00 or VDO Brand 323-421, 1/2" order 02025-00 or VDO Brand 323-419      (Note: If ordering the VDO brand you will need to make an adjustment in the settings to select VDO instead of the default Datcon.)

For 2 pole, 30A Fuse holder, order AFB01G2P.

For 3 pole, 30A Fuse holder, order AFB01F3P.

For fuses, order BBS-1.

For DIN Rail order DINRAIL-8IN.

Current Transformers:

You will need to know the output Amps of the unit in order to chose the correct current transformers (CT) below. If you do not know the amps of the unit, here is how you can figure it out:

Note: if your unit shows "KW" then multiply KW by 1000 to get Watts (KW x 1000 = Watts)

For single Phase units: Watts / Volts = Amps    |    Order Qty (2)

For three phase units: Watts / Volts / 1.73 = Amps    |    Order Qty (3)

Round up to the nearest CT size

50 amp CT,      75 amp CT,      100 amp CT,      150 amp CT,      200 amp CT,      300 amp CT,      400 amp CT,      500 amp CT,      600 amp CT,      800 amp CT,      1000 amp CT

Optional Emergency Stop Switch - for 5A-10A, order ACC75105-2NC. For up to 20A, order ACC87941.

For further help determining which harnesses you need, view our harness chart here.


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  • Manufactured by: Cattron

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