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New Coleman Powermate 0063290 AVR replaces  0063291 / 0063948 Voltage regulator for portable generators.  Your original AVR may be marked: AVR SBA6-190-006 or AVR SBA7-190-008, etc.

This new AVR is a bargain!  Replaces older part numbers 0063291 and 0064525. May also fit some other brands, but we cannot be responsible if it does not work.  We cannot take this back once you install it.

Make sure your brushes are good / not stuck, and the slip rings are clean!  Check the resistance between the slip rings with the AVR unplugged, and then check for continuity from the slip rings to the rotor shaft.  There should not be continuity from the shaft to either slip ring!  E-mail us or Call 717-383-4982 for tech support.

May possibly appear as any of the following:

  • 67314
  • 0067314 
  • 63290
  • 0063290
  • 0063291
  • 00 63291
  • 63291
  • S0063291
  • S 0063291
  • 63948
  • 0063948
  • SBA6-190-006
  • SBA7-190-008


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  • Part #: 0067314SRV
  • 2 In Stock
  • Manufactured by: Pramac®