Refrigerator Board - For use in Dometic® models :
RM 2602, RM 2603, RM 2802, RM 2803,
RM 3501, RM 3601, RM 3604, RM 3801
RM 3804, RM 4801, RM 4804, RM 4804.004, RM 4804.006

The Micro P-246 Plus board is a replacement control Board for Dometic® refrigerators. It has been designed to replace Dinosaur Electronics Micro P-24 2-way, Micro P-24 3-way, Micro P-26, and all of the Dometic® model boards that they will replace. The board comes configured to work in 3-way refrigerators and a jumper can be cut to make it work in 2-way refrigerators.

The board comes configured to work with the old style Webber gas valve. A jumper can be cut to make it work with the new style gas valve that comes with Dometic®'s kit.

Instructions: P-246_Plus.pdf Size: 479kb


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  • Part #: MICROP246PLUS
  • Manufactured by: Dinosaur Electronics

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