Heavy duty version of the Generac Guardian 70185, 70185B and 70185D oil filter.  30% more capacity!  15mm longer than the 70185D. (less than 3/4" longer)  Primary use is on the Generac GT series V-Twin air-cooled engines, but this can be used in place of any of the 70185 series filters if you have clearance for the extra length.

NOTE: Some newer versions are painted orange. The only difference between the 070185E and 070185F is the Generac logo.  The "E" version does not have it, the "F" version does.  For instance, we ordered some 070185E's and Generac substituted the "F", so we may send either one, depending on stock.

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  • Part #: 070185ES
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  • Manufactured by: Generac®

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