Sea Spares Kit

Be safe and prepared on the water with a KOHLER Sea Spares Kit on your yacht or cruiser. This durable, protective utility box contains the genuine marine parts you need for emergencies and general maintenance.

Kit includes:
Durable Watertight Container
Brushes #239282 (2)
223316 - 10 amp fuses
(5) 262389 - 25 amp fuses
Kohler Decal
Fuel Filter # 267987
Oil Filter # 359771
Impeller Repair Kit # 359978
Spark Plugs # 359979 (2)
Zinc Anode Kit #260085

To view a brochure itemizing the exact parts in your kit, or to find out which kit you need for your generator, click here: Sea Spares Brochure 395 Kb PDF Document

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  • Part #: GM12310
  • 5 In Stock
  • Manufactured by: Kohler®

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