Generac Carburetor made by Nikki fits some of the Generac, Sears (Craftsman), and Troy Built portable generators.  This is the only carburetor we know of that fits the 7.8HP Generac engine with a manual choke.  There is a different one with a primer that is not very popular.

This is a genuine Generac product, not an aftermarket replacement.

Example: Generac 4000XL carburetor.
Latest version has choke lever and replaces original Generac carb
97747, C1535 and new # 0C1535ASRV and 0C1535AESV. Made by Nikki exclusively for Generac.  No after-market replacement is available for this.  There is a rebuild kit, but it costs nearly $35.00 and only has a needle & seat and a few gaskets.

Recommended gaskets:

Gasket # 78631 for C1535A & 98469 (carb to manifold)
Gasket # 91846 for C1535A & 98469 (carb to air box)

Below is a list of the brands, and the model numbers that this part can be used in.
Brand Names:
Generac, Craftsman, Briggs & Stratton, Troy Built

Model Numbers: Listed below are some models that this part is commonly used in. Please note that model numbers often include additional characters at the front of the model number that are used to identify a supplier. For example: Model 12345 for a part, may appear with additional numbers and could be expressed as 123.12345 or 12312345. Please keep this in mind as you make your decision.  Most of these models are Sears / Craftsman.  You are responsible to make sure you order the correct part, so find the part # on the carb, in your manual, or contact us if you still are not sure.

580327140 or 580.327140
58032674 or 580.32674
58032714 or 580.32714
580329140 or 580.329140
580327130 or 580.327130
58032914 or 580.32914
580329130 or 580.329130
58032725 or 580.32725
5803327130 or 580.3327130
580326740 or 580.326740
580327250 or 580.327250
580742780 or 580.742780 Carberator

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  • Part #: 0C1535ASRV
  • 5 In Stock
  • Manufactured by: Generac®

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