EVR20F-11411-N00 Hotstart heater, EVRHeat 120 Volt 1650 Watts. 

This heater EVR20F-11411-N00 is no longer available. We offer a higher or lower amperage heater:

For engines up to 10L (610CID): 
120V 12A 110F 96" CORD 5-15NEMA PLUG           
For engines up to 15L (915CID)
120V 16A 110F 96" CORD 5-20NEMA PLUG

Click here for the data sheet.

Click here for a case study on the efficiency / performance of the EVRHeat Series heater. 

  • - This is a variable wattage smart heater that adjusts output wattage in response to fluid temperature changes as little as 1 °F.
  • - Indicator lights display current heater operation and temperature status. 
  • - Has a pump for more even heating of the engine. 
  • - If an air pocket or other fault is detected, the heater deactivates power allowing for users to safely resolve the fault and reset the heater.
  • New and Improved!  The EVR series heater replaces the CTM series heater - In this case, this heater replaces CTM15110-N00

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  • Part #: EVR20F-11411-N00
  • Manufactured by: Hotstart

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