The GSC400 has been in production for approximately 13 years, and has been great product to this day. However, because of advances in technology and newer electronic engines, Dynagen has designed the new tough series TG410 as the recommended replacement.  Technical help, if needed, is available for the transition to this new design.  As the GSC400 is now no longer in production, we are unable to purchase them from Dynagen anymore. 

Click here to view a comparison of the differences / similarities between the TG410 and the GSC400.  Note:  While the GSC400 is no longer recommended for new projects or designs, it is easier to replace an existing unit with a new GSC400, rather than installing a TG410.

GSC400Plus Digital Genset Controller - can replace Kohler GM62631 Controller, KPC-1000!

For a complete list of available support documents please visit the Cattron / Dynagen Resources Section of their website.


User Manual

GSC400 Diagrams

Displays AC Volts/Amps Standard or Electronic Engines

The GSC400Plus is designed to provide complete control, protection, AC metering, and engine instrumentation for both standard and electronic engines and gensets. The module is easily configured using either the front panel buttons or our PC configurator software. The GSC400Plus provides direct mounting compatibility with other DynaGen controllers such as the GSC300 to allow for a full range of options to fit any application.


3 On-board Replaceable 40A Resistive Relays & Fuses

The GSC400 is socketed to accept three industry standard 40A resistive cube relays – each protected by a replaceable automotive fuse.

The GSC400 eliminates the need to mount, wire, and fuse external slave relays for Fuel, Crank, and Preheat.


Front Panel or PC Configurable

The GSC400 can be programmed manually via front panel buttons or with our easy-to-use PC software interface that provides customization of screen messages, sender selections, control settings, and much more.


Ideal for Mobile Gensets

The GSC400 is a great fit for mobile and trailer genset applications:

  1. Ultra-Low Standby Draw prevents battery drain (50mA).
  2. Inputs to automatically
  3. re-configure for up to 4 different AC voltage topologies.
  4. Maintenance Timer.
  5. Inputs for fuel saving Idle Mode ( Compatible with Cummins Tier IV idle mode)

Available Accessories


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  • Part #: GSC400-0-12-LSC
  • Manufactured by: Cattron

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