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Generac Generator

Dennis, Thank you for all of your help on this generator. We contacted Bob in CA and he gave us some ideas and with some help from a small engine repairman my wife knows we were able to get the generator working and running really well. Feel free to use me as a reference to any of your customers as you have been a great help to all of us in a time where we were time challenged. I still have three other RV's and a trailer as well as two portable generators and I will be loyal to you for my parts when I need them and will give out your name and business number to any other people who are in need of parts. I did mention that the starter is not a direct fit, you do have to modify the housing to allow the gear to fully engage into the flywheel, and you have to be very careful on the correct alignment of the teeth to set backlash properly. It is possible to set it to close. Thanks again.

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