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BE350 Basler Genuine AVR, replaces SE350 and MTU SUA77199

$195.00  $159.00
Save: 18% off

  • Part #: BE350
  • 18 Units in Stock


    Sensing & Power Input:190-240 Vac
    Burden:500 VA
    Output Power Continuous:73 Vdc at 3.5 Adc (255w) (OR 63V @4A)
    Output Power: Forcing (240 Vac Input Power): 105 Vdc at 5 Adc (525w)
    Roll off frequency:54-61 Hz for 60 Hz and 45-51 Hz for 50 Hz

    It is a direct replacement for the following:

    •    MTU # MAVC63-4D and SUA77199
    •    Katolight # KAVC63-4D and 77199  
    •    Marathon SE350 (761594-01)
    •    Marathon SE400 (761576)
    •    Basler AVC63-4D  (Basler # 9166800134 )
    •    Baldor EM0027A13
    •    Powertech 06REG350SE
    •    Magnum 18556

    Also can replace KATO ENGINEERING # 821-16001-00 (used in some Katolight) with minor adaption.

  • Part #: BE350
  • 18 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: Product ID: 2388 $195.00  $159.00
Save: 18% off

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