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VR3.1B Volt Reg, Koncar / Westerbeke replaces VR3.1 and VR3.1A


  • Part #: VR3.1B

    New and Improved!  Up until recently, there were 2 options for the VR3.1 regulators: 

    • - The VR3.1 which was for 200-240 VAC for sensing & power. 
    • - The VR3.1A which was for 90-130 VAC for sensing & power. 

    Now the manufacturer has superseded them both to the VR3.1B.  This voltage regulator has a switch that allows you to sense either 120 or 240 VAC.  The old ones may be available for a little while, but will likely soon be phasing out.  

  • Part #: VR3.1B
Manufactured by: Product ID: 2520 $269.00New

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