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Board for RV Genset model KY,  Begin Spec J


Has 23 pin connector on the bottom & heat sink on top.

Original board was Onan # 300-5046, which has superseded to 327-1413.

Examples of models this should fit - not necessarily a complete listing:
4.0KY–FA/11580J and K
4.0KY–FA/26100J and K
4.0KY–FR/11429J and K
4.0KY–FR/65697J and K
3.6KY–FA/26120J, K and L
3.6KY–FR/11572J and K
3.6KY–FR/33742J and K

Please check the part # on your old board or in the parts book if you are not sure.
This part cannot be installed & then returned unless it is deemed defective by tests in the Cummins / Onan service manual.


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  • Part #: 327-1413
  • Manufactured by: Onan®

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