Control Board for Onan RV Genset model KY, Beginning Spec J

Reverse-engineered to be more reliable than the original!  Made in USA - Not China like the original!

2 year mfg. warranty - Not 90 days like the original!


  • Exact-fit replacement for Onan 327-1413 and 300-5046 control modules.
  • Status indications for cranking and normal running.
  • Does not shut down because of minor faults, like the original.
  • Keeps running on all faults except for loss of stator voltage.
  • Does not generate fault codes. These can be confusing and misleading.
  • Since the engine keeps running, normal troubleshooting methods can be used.
  • Over-sized heat sink for cooler operation.
  • Encapsulated in automotive grade urethane and is fully repairable.

Has 23 pin connector on the bottom & heat sink on top.

Examples of models this should fit - not necessarily a complete listing:
4.0KY–FA/11580J and 4.0KY–FA/11580K
4.0KY–FA/26100J and 4.0KY–FA/26100K
4.0KY–FR/11429J and 4.0KY–FR/11429K
4.0KY–FR/65697J and 4.0KY–FR/65697K
3.6KY–FA/26120J, K and L
3.6KY–FR/11572J and K
3.6KY–FR/33742J and K

Please check the part # on your old board or in the parts book if you are not sure.


Fast shipping... the board is very well built looks and feels like oem except the heat sink is much bigger. (best of all) I installed it and it works well. I will do a follow up later to see if it is still running strong.

  • Part #: 3271413-A
  • 7 In Stock

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