Replaces Onan 160-1328-01.  Quality replacement with same warranty as Cummins Onan.  Includes points and condenser. 

NOTE: You cannot get the genuine kit, because Onan's supplier quit making them!

Includes one each replacement for Onan # 160-1183 points (contact set), and 312-0246 condenser. Both parts mount inside of the breaker box on top of select Onan twin cylinder engines.  If your application mounts remote attached to the generator adapter, you will need the 312-0256 condensor. 

Replaces Onan kits # 160-1213, 160-1311, and 160-1328.


  • Older Onan BGE (RV) Genset Spec A-E
  • Onan NH (RV) Genset Spec J-R
  • Some others

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  • Part #: 160132801-A

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