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Control board

  • Part #: BGM_NHM_PCB
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    For Spec A, there are two possibilities for the control board.  It is very important that you physically look at your existing board to determine which part # you need!

    Look on your existing board for a part number beginning with "300-"  (If you cannot find it, try flipping your board upside down.)

    If the number is 300-3056, 300-3687, or 300-3687-01 use our part #:  30030563687-A


    If the number is 300-3950, 300-3763, 300-3763-01, 300-3763-02, 300-3763-03, 300-3763-04, 3005268-01, or 300-5268-02 use our part #:  3003763-A

  • Part #: BGM_NHM_PCB
Manufactured by: Product ID: 2379 New

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