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Battery Charger, SENS MicroGenius LE Compact 24V 5A, 120VAC


  • Part #: LE-2405-A0
  • 10 Units in Stock

    *Coming July 15th!   Small. Automatic. Smart.

    • Small & light - fits practically anywhere
    • Plugs into standard 120VAC 15 amp receptacle with 6’ AC cord 
    • 6’ DC cord with 3/8” ring lugs for battery connection
    • Protected from water & dust - ideal for harsh genset or marine duty
    • Advanced battery management - utilizes proven Dynamic Boost™ and HELIX™ charging
    • Self-adjusting output - precisely charges all types of lead-acid batteries
    • Battery & charger status LEDs - provide system health information at-a-glance  
    • Superior efficiency & cooling - delivers full power even at high temperatures

    MicroGenius LE battery chargers are ideal for small gensets and low power marine applications. Employing
    technology that was previously only available in more powerful SENS chargers, patented microprocessor
    control delivers fast and safe charging. MicroGenius LE also extends starting battery life and helps prevent
    catastrophic battery failures caused by traditional float charging.
    Chargers self-adjust for flooded and AGM batteries of differing specific gravities, making MicroGenius LE
    compatible with most lead-acid batteries without the need for user adjustment.
    MicroGenius LE meets all relevant North American regulatory requirements including CULUS safety and
    California Energy Commission energy efficiency regulations.

    *Estimated date we hope to have these in stock to ship

  • Part #: LE-2405-A0
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: SENS
Manufactured by: SENS Product ID: 2519 $169.13New

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