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Kohler 4.5CM21-RV K341QS Parts Spec Range 13900A -13917A

IMPORTANT: You must make sure that the Spec Number of your 4.5CM is in the range above! If your spec does not fall in that range, click here for other spec ranges or contact us.

Here is a list of the common repair parts that we handle for the above model / spec range.

NOTICE: Although every effort is made to supply the correct information, we are not responsible for typographical errors / inaccuracies on this website. Sometimes parts are obsoleted or superseded and it is very difficult to keep all of these changes updated on a daily basis. If you order / choose the wrong part(s) online, we cannot be responsible.

Air Filter Element

For spec range 13900A - 13911A, Click Here

For spec range 13912A - 13917A, Click Here

Voltage Regulator
Controller Assy

Carb Repair Kit (Gas)
Carburetor (Gasoline) -- Sorry, discontinued


Fuel Pump
Ignition coil


Hi Tension Lead
Spark Plug - Call us
Brushes (per ea)

For spec range 13900A - 13914A, Click Here

For spec range 13915A - 13917A, Click Here
Brush Spring

Brush Holder

20A Circuit Breaker
14A Circuit Breaker

Start/Stop switch

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