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NRG2210RC Battery Charger 12 / 24V , 10A SENS


  • Part #: NRG2210RC
  • 9 Units in Stock

    SENS 12 / 24V Battery Charger, 10A NRG22-10-RC

    Click Here for an owners manual and Click Here for a spec sheet


    Failure to start due to battery problems is the leading cause of inoperable engine generator sets.

    SENS NRG battery charger maximizes starting system reliability while slashing genset servicing costs:

    One NRG replaces almost any charger without extra site visits.  Installers can select or change at any time 120, 208 or 240 volts AC input, 12 or 24-volt battery and output settings optimized for nearly any lead-acid or nickel cadmium battery.     

    Easy to understand user interface provides state-of-the-art system status - including digital metering, NFPA 110 alarms and a battery fault alarm that can send service personnel to the site before failure to start.  

    Batteries charged by NRG give higher performance and last longer. In uncontrolled environments precision charging by SENS increases battery life and watering intervals 400% or more.

    NRG meets all relevant industry standards - including UL, NFPA 110 and CE.   All units are either C-UL listed or C-UL recognized. 50/60 Hz units add CE marking to UL agency marks.

    EnerGenius reliability technology built into every charger includes:

    • All-electronic operation with generous component de-rating • Disconnected/reversed/incorrect voltage battery alarm and protection • Protection of connected equipment against load dump transients • Widest temperature rating, and overtemperature protection • Superior lightning and voltage transient protection • Demonstrated field MTBF > 1 million hours

    • Standard 3-year warranty!


    Earn the best return on your charger investment - choose SENS


  • Part #: NRG2210RC
  • 9 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: SENS

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