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Mitsubishi KYC031002280 voltage regulator, replaces KYC031001810

$210.00  $99.00
Save: 53% off


    These are "new old stock" AVR 's - never installed.  Fits MGE6700 and other MGE series portable Mitsubishi generators.

    Last known list price from Mitsubishi was $368.00. These usually have a label marked #2280 or #2284 on back of the heat sink. Also BASE-11 usually appears on the sticker.


    • KYC031001810
    • KYC031002280
    • KYC031002284
    • 2280

    Notice: Guaranteed to work if all windings, brushes, & slip rings are in good condition.  Any shorted winding can easily damage this AVR, and will not be covered under warranty!

    Appears to fit these MGE series generators and several more:  MGE6700ROU, MGE4800REU , MGE4000ROU, MGE4000REU

  • Model: KYC031002280
  • 14 Units in Stock

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