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ASCO 473670-003 Control, Rebuilt (473670-003R)


  • Part #: 473670003-R

    Note:  The picture is an example unit, you may not get this exact one!

    Your CORE value of $100.00 will be refunded if returned within 15 days and ONLY IF it can be rebuilt!!  If damaged too badly, or the cover is broken or missing, we may not be able to give credit.  
    Please send a photo of your core via e-mail prior to shipping it in if possible.

    This is a Rebuilt CONTROL PANEL, GROUP 1, RATED 240V FOR SERIES 300 ATS. Also known as the following:

    • K473670-003
    • 473670-003
    • 473668-003
    • 473668-003W
  • Part #: 473670003-R

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